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The communities in the southern Death Valley region have historically been an economy based upon mining and the support services connected with it. By the mid 1980’s the global economy, changing environmental requirements, and other factors brought an end to nearly all mining in this area.

The area fell upon hard economic times, and those people determined to stay and make a living in this spectacular but remote corner of California had to re-think how this was going to be done. We decided that the desert itself was the main resource we had to offer, and so we began to shift our efforts toward creating and enhancing the existing tourism services as well as learning how to operate a service based economy.

Gift shop
Gift shop

China Ranch Gift Shop

Along with our selection of date and bakery products, our gift shop offers a wonderful, eclectic collection of gifts, souvenirs, and one-of-a-kind memorabilia. Southwest and country themed gifts as well as unique crafts from local artisans can be found. We also have a large selection of one-of-a-kind items on consignment. One never knows what you will find in our collection.

In addition, we feature a variety of jams and jellies, canned items, local honey, custom made soaps, jewelry, and dozens of other items. We have something for practically everyone and the fun is in finding it while you browse. The China Ranch gift shop is unlike any other store you have been in. Be sure to check it out on your visit to the ranch.

Sign: try our date shakes

Enjoy China Ranch Bakery & The Famous Date Shakes

Join us for a delectable desert oasis experience at China Ranch Bakery, where we proudly serve the most delicious date shakes around! Made from the freshest locally grown dates, each sip is a burst of natural sweetness and flavor that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight. So, gather your friends and family, and embark on a flavorful adventure to China Ranch Bakery. We can't wait to welcome you and share the magic of our date shakes and more!

A modest museum
China Ranch delivery vehicle

A Modest Museum

A small but interesting museum was opened to the public in the fall of 2009.  It includes exhibits and artifacts from early Indian sites and archeological digs, the pioneer families that were here in the early 1900's, and the mysterious Chinese man who is thought to first have settled the canyon here.  In addition, the outdoor exhibit of rocks gives an intriguing overview of some of the major geologic events that have shaped the Earth's history. 

Our museum is geared to the interest level of the average visitor who may enjoy learning a bit of the history of this fascinating location.  An easy stroll from the gift shop, the modest museum is a nice stop on the way to explore the date grove.  Be sure to stop by on your next visit to China Ranch.



Nestled within the stark yet beautiful Mojave Desert, China Ranch Date Farm emerges as a vibrant sanctuary for wildlife. Amidst the towering cottonwoods and willows, a stream meanders, creating a habitat for a diverse array of desert fauna. This lush oasis, not far from the arid expanses of Southern Death Valley, offers a glimpse into the resilience of nature, where wildlife thrives in harmony with the farm's date palms and historical trails.

The Badlands

China Ranch is also available as a location for both motion picture and still photography shoots.  Over the years several national magazine companies as well as movie studios have taken advantage of the fantastic scenery here as a back drop for their projects. These have included Harper's Bazaar, Country, National Geographic, Paramount Studios, and several smaller companies. In 2001 Paramount Studios used China Ranch for the desert scenes of their hit movie "The Sum of All Fears", starring Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman.

The scenery available can include austere badlands, lush desert oases, palm orchards, rocky gullies and canyons, a running desert stream, historic buildings, and others. Several of these scenes can be seen by navigating around our website or visiting our gallery. The area is ideal for use in westerns, biblical scenes, Iraq or Afghanistan, or the American Southwest.  Our rental rates for use of the property are generally very competitive, and we understand how to help facilitate your production needs in a remote location.  For more information or to add photos of China Ranch to your location portfolio, you can arrange a visit to the Ranch on our contact us page.

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