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China Ranch sells date palms of all sizes, from starter trees in 15 gallon pots, priced at $50.00, to large specimen trees priced according to their size. Generally the best time to plant palms is in the warm weather, which here in the Mojave desert means April through September. All of our prices listed are FOB at China Ranch, we do not transport trees. For larger trees there is a $50.00 per tree digging and loading fee to be added to the prices listed below.

The photos shown here are representative samples of the sizes and prices of the trees we offer, for specific information about numbers of trees available please call our office number listed on this website. Our inventory can change frequently as trees are sold and others become available. Full payment is required at the time of pick up.

Young date palms rooted in 15 gallon pots in our nursery, priced at $50.00 each.
We usually have both male and female trees available.

Newly detached offshoots, or clones, soaking in our stream,
ready to be shipped to another date grower.

We sell these type of trees bare root in larger quantities for $50.00 each.

A nice tree that will trim out to have about 6 feet of clean trunk, priced at $1000.00.

A large, healthy specimen, priced at $2,000.00.
We have a limited number of these larger trees.