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About 4 miles round trip, this is the longest but possibly the most rewarding of the hikes. It involves an elevation drop and then gain of about 350 feet over its course. From the gift shop, walk straight down the canyon. When the trail forks bear to the right and continue past the historical saloon building. Continue on to Acme Siding, an ore loading site and stop on the Tonopah and Tidewater railroad from 1905 until 1938. From Acme, follow the cairn-marked trail to the right down off the Mesa, then continue on. The trail leads up and over the T&T railroal grade, then down to the Amargosa river. Walk down stream and find the place where you can rock hop across the river.

After crossing, bear to the right and walk up the large wash which drains into the Amargosa River. At the top of the wash you will enter a narrow twisting slot canyon eroded into the igneous rhyolite rock. The path is eventually blocked by two boulder strewn vertical dry falls, ten to fifteen high. Skillful climbers can pull themselves up with hands and feet, but there is a danger of falling. More cautious hikers will turn back at this point.