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About 2 miles or more in length, a challenging trail that requires hand and foot climbing over two ten to fifteen foot vertical dry falls, with a little steep climbing on loose footing at the end of the trail. From the gift shop, walk straight down the canyon. When the trail forks bear left, dropping down into China Ranch Creek. The creek bed is wet and brushy, and the outlet on the opposite bank is marked with a rock cairn. Carefully wind your way through the thorny mesquite, then across the mud flats. The trail will turn left into the major drainage between the soft, light colored clay hills on the left and the darker, hard rock mountain on the right. Follow the wash uphill and over the dry falls, and continue climbing until you dead end at the base of a sheer verticle cliff several hundred feet high. You are now in a nicely formed natural "bay", hidden away in these ancient lake bed sediments. Try some echoes!