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2.5 Pound Date Sampler 5 Pound Date Sampler
Our Price: 33.40
Our Price: 48.40
Two to four hybrid varieties of our delicious fruit, beautiful and so healthy. A larger edition of our delicious fruit in various varieties.
Date Bread and Dates Gift Pack Date Cookies Gift Box
Our Price: 30.90
Our Price: 16.80
Freshly made at our bakery, a delicious loaf of our famous date nut bread and one pound of our hybrid dates.

*This product contains walnuts
A box of our outstanding Chocolate or Vanilla Chip Cookies, made from our own scrumptious recipe.

*This product contains walnuts
Double Baked Goodies Gift Pack Triple Goodies Gift Pack
Our Price: 29.90
Our Price: 35.90
A delicious loaf of fresh date nut bread and one dozen delectable date chocolate chip cookies.

*This product contains walnuts

A delicious loaf of fresh date nut bread, one pound of our hybrid dates and one dozen delectable date chocolate chip cookies.

*This product contains walnuts
Mini Gift Pack Deglet Noor (one pound bag)
Our Price: 26.50
Our Price: 11.95
Features 1 mini loaf of delicious date bread, 1 half pound of our unique variety hybrid dates and 1 8oz.bag of turkish apricots .

*This product contains walnuts
From Algeria, the common commercial date sold in the U.S., these are hard and dry when harvested and typically steamed to make them soft and shiny. Here at China ranch we simply moisten them on cool, wet toweling and sell them raw, preserving their chewy texture and unique nutty flavor.
Halawy (one pound bag) Honey dates (one pound bag)
Our Price: 11.95
Our Price: 11.95
From Iraq, these dates ripen mid season and are very light, almost blond, in color. They are semi- dry with a delicate sweet flavor.
An American variety developed in the Coachella Valley, these are our best sellers. They are extremely sweet, medium in size and texture and a rich brown color.
China Ranch Hybrids (one pound bag)
Our Price: 11.95
These dates are unique to China Ranch, they are harvested from trees that were planted from seeds as a curiosity around 1920. They are generally very soft and sweet, and can vary in size and color, depending upon which trees are being harvested at any particular time.