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Hiking trails and opportunities abound at China Ranch. Trails vary in length from a few hundred yards to several miles. October through April are the best months in order to avoid the intense summer heat. Routes may include lush riparian strips that are excellent habitat for birding, narrow rock canyons, winding arroyo badlands, mining and railroad ruins, as well as paleo-indian campsites.

Ranch View

Wildlife in the area includes coyotes, foxes, bobcats, badgers, over 100 species of birds, and many varieties of reptiles. Picnicking and photography are also favorite activities. Camping, R.V. spaces, and free natural hot baths are available at nearby Tecopa. Full services are available at Shoshone, 17 miles north of China Ranch.

Rainbow Mountain

First, a few words of caution. Like hiking anywhere, there are certain inherent hazards when exploring China Ranch. The different trails vary in length and difficulty, and we have tried to point out the particular risks of each trail. Please take a moment and read this trail guide for each route you may take, and decide before hand if you are physically fit and properly equipped for the hike. Remember that emergency or medical help is a long distance and a considerable amount of time away. If you choose to explore one of the trails, be prepared. Always take water, wear a hat and sturdy shoes, and exercise common sense when hiking in the desert.


Note: Nearly all the insects, plants, and animals in the Mojave Desert will scratch, bite, poke, sting, or poison you if you try to grab or capture them.

We hope that all our visitors can enjoy the natural and historical features around China Ranch, and to do this we need your help. Please don't ruin the experience for others after you by harassing the wildlife, stomping the plants, or taking home armloads of "souvenirs" which we have purposely left laying in place. In short, don't behave like meatheads. Trails are marked with rocks cairns for clarity. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.