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Cacti Trees
Phoenix dactylifera, the date palm, has become one of the most popular landscaping items for Southern California and the desert southwest. Tough, easy to transplant, drought and freeze tolerant,  they can survive and flourish where more delicate species will not.

At China Ranch we sell date palms of all sizes and to fit all budgets. These trees are frequently used to create an oasis effect, and will give any yard or business an elegant touch. Our prices are a fraction of those you will pay at a retail nursery, since you are buying directly from the farm with no middlemen. Call for information or arrange to visit China Ranch and actually choose the trees you want right from the field.

We also sell many varieties of cacti which are suitable for either indoor or outdoor planting. Our large, elegant agave selections are a particularly good value. Like palms, cacti are hardy plants that transplant easily and are best suited for arid climates. Under normal conditions they will flower at least once per year. Visit our cacti page for more information.