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China Ranch Date Farm

China Ranch is a family owned and operated small farm, a lush piece of greenery amidst the forbidding Mojave Desert near Southern Death Valley. Imagine towering cottonwoods and willows by a wandering stream, date palms and abundant wildlife, all hidden away in some of the most spectacular scenery the desert has to offer.

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Treat your family and friends to a special and wholesome surprise this festive season with China Ranch Date Farm's exquisite date samplers. Now back in stock, our 2.5 and 5 pound assortments are brimming with the freshest dates. Don't miss out – place your order now for these delightful holiday treats!

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The Ranch is also rich in history. The Old Spanish Trail is within walking distance, as is the historic Tonopah & Tidewater railroad bed. Hike to nearby abandoned mines if you wish, or just relax and browse through our store.
We offer several varieties of California dates as well as our own hybrids. Try some delicious date nut bread, muffins or cookies, or take home one of our unique hand-crafted gifts.

We are not a resort or tourist development, but rather a working family farm in a truly unusual setting. We are located 85 miles west of Las Vegas, Nevada, off Highway 127 en route to Death Valley National Park. Camping, motels and free natural hot mineral baths are available in nearby Tecopa Hot Springs and Shoshone.

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